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Joining a fraternity or sorority gives you the opportunity to develop your personal and professional skill set, putting you in the best position to be successful after graduation. 94.5% of students affiliated with a fraternity or sorority graduate on time, compared to the all-student average of 84.4%. Affiliated students’ GPAs are also higher than the all-student GPA at the College. Joining a Greek organization affords you opportunities to challenge yourself in new ways and become a leader, adding to your success during and after college.

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Unrecognized Fraternities

Click here to read about Fraternities that have lost their recognition at TCNJ and may still engage in events, recruit membership, and host social activity and parties.


Deferred Recruitment:

First-year students cannot join a fraternity or sorority until their second semester. Knowing that membership in a fraternity or sorority is an organizational obligation, The College of New Jersey believes it is important for students to acclimate to College life before making such an important decision.

Academic Requirements:

The minimum requirement to join any organization is completion of 3 TCNJ Units or 12 transfer credits and a 2.5 Cumulative GPA. Those wishing to join an organization must be enrolled full-time, degree-seeking students.  Many organizations have individual GPA requirements that are higher than the College’s eligibility standard.

Transfer Students/January Admits:

Students transferring in from another college or university with GPA and credit hours that meet the academic requirements are eligible to immediately join a fraternity or sorority.  Please note high school advanced placement credits are not applicable.  First-year TCNJ students admitted in January will be ineligible for recruitment until the following fall semester.

Student Conduct Implications

Certain violations of the Student Code of Conduct will affect membership eligibility in a fraternity or sorority, including students who have been found responsible for serious violations of the Code of Conduct.  Students on specific status with the Office of Student Conduct may not be eligible to participate in Fraternity/Sorority recruitment.

Inclusion Policies of Recognized Fraternities/Sororities

All but one of our recognized fraternities and sororities belong to a larger, inter/national organization. These inter/national organizations are separate entities from TCNJ, and therefore have their own internal policies and procedures. Many fraternities and sororities nationally have their own membership, non-discrimination, and/or inclusion policies, etc., that they use when determining membership eligibility.

You can find a chart of the Inclusion policies for our recognized fraternities/sororities HERE.

Fraternity Recruitment (IFC)


  • Recruitment takes place during both semesters.
  • Deferred Recruitment- Meaning, incoming Freshmen/First-semester students will not be eligible to participate in recruitment until they meet the academic criteria.
  • Transfers must have 3 TCNJ Units/12 transfer credits in order to join in the Fall.


  • Two interest sessions open to everyone.
  • One preferred recruitment event (invite only).
  • After voting, the organization will extend you a bid.
  • If you choose to be eligible to sign a bid, you will go through a hazing prevention workshop prior to beginning new member education.


Sorority Recruitment (Panhellenic)


  • Formal recruitment in the Spring semester
  • Freshmen can’t participate until the spring
  • Everyone (including transfers) must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 and at least 12 credits in order to participate in recruitment


  • Over the course of several days, potential new members have the opportunity to interface with each chapter in themed events referred to as “parties”
    • Round Robin: visit all Panhellenic organizations and learn briefly about each chapter
    • Philanthropy Round: Hear more about organizations’ national and local philanthropies.
    • Meet the Sisters Round: Interact with each chapter and learn more about their sisterhood.
    • Preference Ceremonies: This round will provide potential new members a glimpse into the chapter’s ceremony, and is the final round before bids are distributed.
  • Mutual selection process- every potential new member (PNM) has the opportunity to interact with every organization so both the new member and the organization can make educated decisions about where the new member fits best
  • Bid Day: the day after rounds end, PNMs receive their invitation to join a sorority

UGC Recruitment/Intake

  • Each organization has individual requirements and practices for recruitment also referred to as “intake.”
  • Potential new members may be invited to join interest groups before determining if they would like to pursue membership with a chapter.
  • UGC holds exhibitions and information sessions, all together, so the potential new members can learn more about each organization and how to join.
  • If you are interested in joining a UGC organization, reach out to each chapter individually to learn more.

Professional Organization Recruitment

  • Professional Organizations do not have formal recruitment rules
  • Most will have information sessions to find out more about the organization and the next steps in joining
  • If you are interested in joining a professional organization, reach out to each chapter individually to learn more.