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Event Planning 101

All Student Organizations looking to book an on­ campus space for their event/meeting must do so using TCNJ’s reservation program, Book­It. 

View Instructional videos on how to use the BookIt system

Student Organizations must be mindful of the timing required regarding submitting a request for an event space, and service providers. See Appendix C for a chart explaining the Event Request Guidelines.

Student Event Guidelines

Event Changes

Organizations that need to make any changes to an event, must communicate this information to the Brower Student Center Student Event Scheduler no later than a week prior to the event date. Changes not communicated within this time frame are not guaranteed.


Organizations that need to cancel an event, must communicate this information at least a week prior to the event. Organizations that fail to communicate an event cancellation within this period may still be held responsible for any applicable fees associated with the event. Term Assignment cancellations should be communicated within 24 hours.


Student organizations are responsible and liable for the use, care, and condition of any venue, and/or equipment reserved for their events. Organizations are required to leave all venues and/or equipment that they have used for their events in satisfactory condition. This includes but is not limited to removing all decorations and/or trash related to the event, and returning any moved furniture to its original setting. Failure to do so may result in the revocation of scheduling privileges as determined by the Office of Student Involvement.


Candle Waiver Form 2023 A completed Candle Waiver Form must be submitted if a student organization will be having candles or any type of open flame at their event.

BBQ Permit/Waiver Recognized Student Organizations may work with the College to have events where grilling is permitted by submitting your permit a minimum of 3 weeks prior to your event date. Please note that your organization is responsible for storing the grills, gas tanks, and charcoal off campus. Personal grills are not permitted in any campus buildings, including residence halls.

Film Showings – Student organizations that will be showing a film at an event must purchase and obtain the rights for the film. Proof of this purchase must be returned to the Office of Student Involvement and the Brower Student Center Student Event Scheduler prior to the event.

Minor Wavier Student organizations who plan to host minors on campus as part of a meeting or event, must have every minor complete the Minor Waiver Form. A minor is defined as anyone under the age of 18 without their parent or guardian present. After the forms have been signed, they must be turned in to the Brower Student Center. 

Equipment and Internet Usage

Equipment Use in Academic Classrooms – Most classrooms are equipped with a computer and projection system that can be utilized by Student Organizations who have reserved the space. The projector system in the Business Building Lounge may not be used by Student Organizations, however, if you wish you reserve this space, a projector and screen can be requested through the Student Finance Board (SFB).

Equipment Use in the Brower Student Center or Decker Social Space – If equipment is needed for an event taking place in the Student Center, organizations must request and reserve all desired equipment at a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the event date.

Equipment Use in Other Campus Venues- Audiovisual equipment for events taking place outside of the Student Center may be reserved through the Student Finance Board (SFB) Equipment Loan Center. The use of equipment in some campus venues requires the permission of specific campus offices. Organizations should be sure to obtain such permission and information prior to their event date.

Guests’ Wireless Use – To obtain guest wireless access, simply connect to the “Welcome-to-TCNJ” wireless network, and follow the prompts to register your guest account.

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Information on special event insurance for outside vendors.