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Start An Organization

Starting an organization is a two step process.

1. Visit the Student Government Lion’s Gate page and follow the recognition process as directed. The application for new student organizations can be found here.
– The Student Government recognition process can take between three and six weeks.
– Full approval for a new organization is achieved via a majority vote of the SG General Body.
– Once approved, the Student Government can assist your organization in its functioning and success.

2. Once fully approved by the Student Government, please register your organization with Student Activities & The Brower Student Center email Devan Kowalek at
Registering with the Student Activities & The Brower Student Center allows your group to:
– Schedule rooms on campus
– Have a mailbox for your organization in the Brower Student Center
– Develop an online presence for your organization by obtaining a school-hosted website and email address
– Request funds from the Student Finance Board
– Request approval for posting advertisements from Student Activities & The Brower Student Center

To get started or if you have any questions, please reach out to and a Student Government Representative will assist you.