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Assessment Process

The Assessment Packet at TCNJ is a template for chapter success. Every organization is responsible for filling out the self-evaluation program. The packet is due at the end of every semester, and it establishes a set of expectations in four different areas of involvement:

  • Academics
  • Chapter Management
  • Member Development
  • Community Involvement

Successful organizations use the packet to guide their chapter’s activities and programs to create a fulfilling and unique experience as a part of TCNJ’s fraternity and sorority community. The Office of Student Involvement also uses the Assessment Packet to recognize outstanding organizations and individuals for their efforts and accomplishments.

Most organizations work on their Assessment Packet as the semester progresses. At the end of each semester, delegates from each chapter present their assessment packet to a panel of professional staff within and outside of the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life. This presentation gives staff members, who may not typically work with fraternity and sorority groups, the chance to see the great things our community does. The presentation is factored into the organization’s overall packet score. The rubric can be found below.

The packet also ensures that every organization is able to reflect and improve upon areas where they may struggle. This will allow your organization to have an honest conversation about where your chapter is, where you want it to go, and how you will get there. The packet also establishes that organizations strive to continuously improve and are open to new ideas and new programs.

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