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Fall 2021 Changes

Fall 2021

The Office of Student Involvement will continue to support the meaningful, developmental, and vibrant engagement of students and student organizations as we transition back to campus for the Fall 2021 semester. OSI looks forward to working with student organizations to find success however they plan to operate this fall.  Our focus this semester is to prepare our student leaders, support our RSO’s and engage with the TCNJ Community. 

Prepare: The beginning of a new school year is a busy time for student organizations adjusting to being back on campus, trying to plan meetings/events and learning new leadership positions.  But this year more than ever we realize that offering our RSO’s training opportunities is critical since many policies have changed and a lot of student leaders may be unsure about how to operate since it has been a year and half since they have been on campus.  To help with this we will be offering the following opportunities:

RSO Online Canvas CourseDuring the spring 2021 semester OSI piloted a new online training course (through Canvas) for student organization leaders.  We received a lot of positive feedback and are excited to be rolling out the course for the fall 2021 semester!!  After completing the course your organization will not only know all the updated policy information (contracts, food, SFB, etc.) but will also learn more about marketing, running meetings, how to develop goals and more!
To maintain active status each organization’s President will need to complete the course by September 19.  The course is open to all e-board members so if you have others you would like added to the course, please complete this FORM by August 15.  Check your RSO emails for more information.

SOS:This year SOS will be held VIRTUALLY on Sunday, September 12 from 10am-2pm.  Each organization will be expected to have at least one e-board member present at each session throughout this time.  This year’s SOS has been designed to help new e-board members get acclimated.  We encourage you to send someone other than your President who could benefit from this opportunity.  You are welcome to send more than one member of your organization.    

FYI w/OSI Workshop Series: OSI will be offering a series of workshops that will focus on various topics such as; how to fundraise, budgeting, co-sponsoring and more!  These will be held in October and November.  More information to follow.  


Support: OSI’s goal is to stay connected with all our RSO’s and offer support so they can achieve their missions.  Below are some initiatives our office has created and ways we plan to stay connected. 

RecruitmentOSI will continue to use the Student Organization Involvement Calculator to connect interested students with organizations they may be interested in.  The goal is to help RSO connect with and recruit new students. 

Advertising, Marketing, and Community Engagement: RSOs will be able to use the Roar app to advertise their groups and events.  Additionally, OSI will be utilizing the Posting Policy Process to administer the weekly email to all students. We will also feature student organizations and events on our social media pages (@roartcnj and Facebook)

Open Office Hours: This program allows student organizations to schedule meetings (virtual and in person) with OSI professional staff members in a 1:1 setting.  

Student Organization Advisory Board: This advisory board brings together RSO leaders to discuss how OSI can better support organizations and develop a community among our organizations.  We are looking for RSO leaders who would like to serve on this year’s board.
What Do I Get?
A chance to give feedback to our office
Help improve student’s experience in organizations
You obtain a leadership position/ talking points for your resume
Food! Each meeting will have food

The time commitment is meeting two times during the fall and spring semester.  To sign up for this year’s board, complete the following form.  Fall meetings will be held on:

Wednesday, September 29 from 2pm-4pm and Wednesday, November 3 from 2pm-4pm

OSI Newsletter: OSI will continue to advertise services provided by offices and departments across campus in its RSO newsletter. Student organizations can still request OSI to connect them to any office on campus. 

Engage: We are excited that RSO’s will have the opportunity to engage with students both in person and virtually for the Fall 2021 semester.  We will be bringing back the Student Involvement Fair which will be held in person.  We will also support our RSO’s as they begin planning meetings and events on campus, whether it’s a traditional event they want to bring back a whole new idea, we can’t wait to see what organizations come up with! 

Student Involvement Fair: TCNJ’s Student Organization Expo
OSI will hold the Fall  2021 Student Involvement Fair on Thursday Night, September 2 from 8:30pm-10:30pm on Lion’s Stadium. Information will be sent to students and RSOs in the next few weeks.

Meetings and Events: Recognized Student Organizations will again be able to host events on campus and we can’t wait to see them. In order to help RSOs achieve their missions and goals related to programming, OSI has updated and event planning checklist.  This checklist will no longer be required to be submitted to our office but we hope that it will be a tool that will help student leaders as they begin planning events in person again.   

New for Fall 2021: All RSO’s will be required to advertise flyers for their SAF funded events on the ROAR app and utilize an event-specific QR code feature (generated by the ROAR app) to track students/individuals that attend the respective events. Here is a step by step guide on how to do this.

OSI Fall 2021 Policies

Food Guidelines (Updated November 1, 2021)
Please fund the updated guidelines here:

Student Travel: Student Travel is possible again in Fall 2021! Travel that is funded through the Student Finance Board or that utilizes their Bus Procurement Service must adhere to the Student Travel Policy. Please find the easy to follow instructions and form here.

Vendor Tables: Vendor tables will be available to reserve through Book It.  Please make sure to follow all TCNJ safety guidelines as well as the OSI food and fundraising guidelines when staffing your table.

Fundraising: OSI will be utilzing an Interim Fundraising Process for the Fall 2021 semester. 

Fraternity & Sorority

While most operations will return to in person for fraternities and sororities, we encourage all chapters to continue to assess their programs and meetings to ensure everyone is comfortable. Some groups may choose to continue to include virtual formats to make their program or meeting more accessible.

Fraternity and Sorority Life staff will resume meeting with chapter and council leadership both in person and in a virtual setting, as applicable. Meetings with alumni advisors and inter/national headquarters staff will resume both in person and virtually in order to allow flexibility and accessibility.


Social Activity: All off-campus social events, including formals, will be advised to follow current state, local and campus guidelines

Service and Philanthropy: Students will be encouraged to continue to creatively approach service and philanthropy. Fraternities and sororities found a way to continue to give back during the pandemic both virtually and in person.

Educational Programs: Educational programs can continue to happen in a virtual, hybrid, or on-campus setting.

Assessment Packets: Assessment Packets will still be submitted and graded, and a revised packet for Fall 2021 will be provided to chapters within the first 3 weeks of the semester.

FSL President’s Ball and FSL Leadership Retreat: We look forward to bringing these signature events back in the upcoming academic year. More information will be provided in the future.


  • Membership will still be restricted to second semester students and beyond (no first semester, first year students). Transfer students with the appropriate completion of units/credits will be eligible to participate in recruitment and intake efforts.
  • Recruitment events can take place in person, virtually, or in a hybrid format.
  • All students interested in joining will still be required to complete a grade release form ensuring that they qualify by both GPA and credit/unit to join.
  • All students being offered an invitation to begin a group’s affiliating process will be identified to OSI ahead of the invitation being made. Once invitations are made, a maximum of 6 weeks may be used to complete the affiliating process. 
  • Students that are accepting invitations will be required to complete the Plaid Tightrope and Inclusive Excellence programs within the first two weeks of joining their organization.
  • Any students wishing to discontinue the affiliating process will still be required to fill out a “new member drop form.”
  • The use of alcohol and/or drugs is still prohibited in the new member recruitment/informational process and in the affiliating process.
  • All chapters must submit dates/times/methods (locations or virtual format) of their recruitment/information sessions to OSI.

New Member Education: Chapters will still be required to submit new member education/intake programs to OSI for approval. These programs must comply with all New Member Guidelines. These programs will still be required to detail date/time/content/method (on-campus, in person, Zoom, Google Meet, etc.).

All chapters will need to provide plans to initiate, with initiation to take place no later than December 12, 2021. Within 48 hours of completing the initiation, chapters will notify OSI with the name and PAWS ID of every successful initiate.