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Chalking Approval

Sidewalk Chalking Approval and Guidelines

  • Requests to chalk sidewalks must be submitted through Lion’s Gate to the staff in the Office of Student Involvement.
  • A limit of two sidewalk chalking requests will be permitted each week per recognized student organization or department.
  • Locations will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis. Each request will be allotted 3 locations, per request.
  • A copy of the language and or a sketch of any drawings that are to be chalked must be included with the submission.
  • Language and information for sidewalk chalking must comply with the same content requirements required of all items approved by the Office of Student Involvement. See the “APPROVAL OF CONTENT” section above for more information.
  • A staff member from the Office of Student Involvement will contact the individual submitting the Sidewalk Chalking Request Form to make them aware of the availability of space.
  • Only sidewalks approved on each form may be chalked.
  • No structures other than approved sidewalks may be chalked, this includes steps and building exteriors.
  • Only water soluble chalk may be used.
  • A Third Party is not eligible for this method of advertising.