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Posting Approval Process

All Posting Materials:

  • Must be approved by the Student Activities Office
  • Must have already created an event on Lion’s Gate
  • For TCNJ student organizations, if you choose to include an email address on the flyer or table tent, it must be a TCNJ email.
  • Must be approved prior to posting or distribution on the TCNJ campus
  • Must adhere to all College policies including those outlined in the Student Conduct Code and TCNJ policy prohibiting discrimination in the workplace/educational environment. Further information can be found at
  • May not advertise alcoholic drink specials or the explicit availability
  • Must include the full name of the sponsor(s)
  • Must include the date of the event
  • Postings can only occur on designated public bulletin boards. Posting on alternate indoor locations such as walls, windows, doors, bathroom stalls, and mirrors is prohibited. Posting on outdoor locations is prohibited, including, but not limited to light posts, trash receptacles, trees, windows, doors, or the exterior of buildings.
  • All postings must be removed within 24 hours of the expiration date

Online Approval Process

  1. Visit the Banner/Chalking/Graphic Artist Request Form  and/or the Flyer/Table Tents/Copies Request Form
  2. Complete the form. You will need the following:
  • Your contact information
  • Request type
  • A sketch or picture of your content saved as a jpg, .gif, .bmp, pdf., or .docx file
  • Request dates (if applicable)
  • Preferred space choice (if applicable)
  • Preferred paper color choice (if applicable)

3. You will be notified via email of your approval status, as well as any applicable confirmations

*Please Note: Requests made online Monday-Thursday will be approved within 24 hours of the request. Online requests made on Friday will be approved the following Monday.

On-Site Approval Process

  1. Bring material to the Office of Student Activities
  2. Fill out an Approval Request Form
  3. Material will be approved once per day and available by 12PM the following business day in your organization’s mailbox*

*Please Note: All others, including TCNJ departments and offices, must pick up their materials in the Office of Student Activities


Violations of Posting Procedure

  • Violations of the posting guidelines may be forwarded to the Office of Student Activities. Please include a description of the violation and the date/time that the violation was observed.
  • Organizations or individuals found to have violated the posting guidelines will be contacted.
  • Sanctions for violations may include: a letter of warning, loss of posting privileges for specified amount of time, and/or restitution for damages.
  • Sanctions may be appealed to the Office of Student Conduct. Appeals must be submitted in writing within five business days of the date the sanction letter was issued and must include specific reasons for appeal. The decision of the Director of Student Involvement is final.
  • Please Note:   The Office of Student Activities and Leadership Development is not responsible for lost or stolen materials, for banners that are moved due to incorrect placement or for banners that are removed because they are past the approved expiration date.   Materials submitted for approval and not collected within five business days or banners that have been removed, will be discarded.